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Welcome! If you are seeking training in Leadership, whether you are interested in finding BIPOC/POC leaders to commune with, or you want to scale up your leadership potential in a healing-centered engaged setting, The Adaptive Equity Leadership Institute is the place for you.

Our leadership model and framework is an Adaptive Leadership Framework. We believe that our curriculum will build a collaborative relationship of support among participants that fosters reflection and growth in discovering and/or building your leadership style and practices. 

This is a reciprocal journey of self-discovery.  You will learn how to translate your beliefs into actions that will impact your organization and propel you along your professional journey.  We will build a community of resistance that we  hope will sustain you, as you grow in this intentional community.  We will offer practical ways to navigate and dismantle cultural and racial barriers in the workplace.

Begin your journey by joining the 2023-24 cohort.




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We can't wait for you to join one of our cohorts! Click on the links above to see the current cohort or a future cohort to join! We have two information sessions prior to the cohort launch so that you can get all of your questions about the Insitute answered. 


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